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Host an Intern

LEP HIGH is seeking support from the local business community for their Internship Program. Our high school’s education program is based on a philosophy of personal development through real-world experience and community engagement. This Internship Program is a requirement for ALL students so they are exposed professional environments related to their career interests. We designed our Internship Program to align with best-practice models around the country that share similar goals.

The Students

Our students have rigorously prepared for this experience through daily classes focused on workplace skills ranging from professionalism to time management and conflict resolution. Our students also spent several months engaging in personal exercises and reflections designed to help them define their career strengths.

Benefits for All Involved

Each internship relationship will be mutually beneficial: the student will gain workplace experience, while the business partner receives an infusion of energy and excitement from a young person who wants to learn and contribute to their business. Students earn credit for their participation in the internship program. While donations to sustain this program are deeply appreciated, there is no cost obligation to the business to participate in this program. In fact, internships are often a cost-effective way for businesses to receive additional support in reaching their performance goals. Finally, participating businesses will be recognized as valued partners with LÊP High through our school materials (fliers, website, etc.) and at community events, increasing visibility for goods and/or services.

How it Works

  1. LÊP High staff will match student interests with internship opportunities. Students eligible for internships will generally be 16-17 years old. They also will have met employment proficiencies through our leadership and entrepreneurship curriculum before beginning the internship process.
  2. An interview is setup that is convenient for the potential internship partner and student. At this time, your organization and the student are able to assess if this work relationship is a good match.
  3. Once the student, employer, and LÊP High staff mutually agrees on an internship match, the internship will take place during one trimester (as determined by all involved parties).
  4. Student must average twelve hours a week at a work site. This is typically Monday through Thursday for three hours a day. Hours can be either in the morning or afternoon, depending upon what works best for the student and the internship partner.
  5. A LÊP High staff member will closely monitor the participation and success of each intern, in collaboration with the business site.
  6. Interns will meet as a cohort at LÊP High on Fridays to discuss successes, challenges and continue the skill building process.

To check out the work that our current student interns are doing in the community, visit the LEP High Internship Blog at www.lephighinternships.wordpress.com

If you or your place of employment are interested in hosting a LEP intern, please contact Shannon Schrecengost, Internship Coordinator at (503) 245-2537 X180 or at shannon.schrecengost@lephigh.org.

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